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Terms and Conditions

Southern Highlands Living is owned and managed by Southern Highlands Living (ABN 64 959 937 825) and includes this website (www.southernhighlandsliving.com.au), related social media profiles and the Southern Highlands Mums & Dads Facebook group.
We are based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia and as such we are governed by Australian law although as our content is online it may be viewed anywhere in the world.

By using any of our online services (including those mentioned above and any that may be added) you are agreeing to our conditions of use set out below. We suggest that you read all relevant sections prior to continuing to use our services. If there is any part that you do not agree with you should discontinue using our services immediately (this includes leaving any groups and un-following any social media profiles).

We reserve the right to update and/or amend these terms at any time and advise that any changes will apply from the date they are made.

Please note that while we may be active on social media outside of ‘normal business hours’ we may not be able to respond immediately via these channels and your best method of contact for all correspondence (including compliments, general feedback or complaints) will always be by sending an email to hello@southernhighlandsliving.com.au. We will make all reasonable efforts to reply within 2 business days.

By agreeing to use our services you agree that you will not use them for any purpose that is forbidden by law or by these terms and conditions.

You agree to use our services for their intended purpose and not use the content you find within these services for any other purpose without our prior consent, including taking content to be used in your own business or hobby. You also agree that you will not engage in any acts that may be deemed unlawful, offensive, defamatory, misleading or deceptive.

By submitting a listing to the LOCAL DIRECTORY you agree to the following conditions of use:

  • you will create an account using accurate personal and business details, and you will keep all your account details secure at all times
  • your contact details may be used by us to send you newsletters and updates (you may unsubscribe from these by clicking the unsubscribe link contained within the email)
  • you are wholly responsible for understanding how your listing will be displayed and the time period that it will be displayed for (if you are unsure please request any additional information prior to making payment)
  • your listing details will be shared on the website and any other online portals, as well as any other promotional materials/methods we may choose to use in the future
  • your listing will not be made live on the website until payment has been made
  • once payment has been made your transaction is considered complete
  • your listing will be made live on the next business day after payment has been made (if not earlier), unless otherwise requested
  • your listing will comply with all relevant laws and does not contain any information prohibited by law
  • we reserve the right to refuse to accept, request amendment to, or remove from view any listings that may be deemed offensive to the general public, or contain content that may be seen as incorrect, misleading or defamatory of another person or business, or that we believe may infringe on the copyright, intellectual property rights or trade marks of another person and/or businesses 
  • businesses that only operate or are based outside of the local Southern Highlands (NSW) area or it’s neighbouring area may be listed but we reserve the right to make listing under the ‘Out of Area’ category mandatory and require you to list in more than one category with an Enhanced or Feature Listing. Free Basic Listings will not be available to non-local businesses.
  • we reserve the right to ensure that your business is listed in relevant categories only and may change the categories as required
  • you agree that you are the rightful owner of, or have permission to reproduce any and all content submitted
  • you will advise us in a timely manner of any relevant changes that should be made to your listing and that Southern Highlands Living will not be held responsible for any information included in your listing that is incorrect
  • we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our website is functioning properly at all times, but we will not be held responsible for any perceived or actual losses incurred due to downtime on our part
  • if you wish to cancel your listing you must make a submission to us in writing detailing the reason for your request
  • in the event that a business is no longer operating and continuing a listing would be misleading to our users we will happily offer a pro rata refund minus reasonable administration costs
  • as per Australian consumer law we are not obligated to provide a refund for a change of mind